My youngest son didn’t like reading–unless the book was about military battles, weapons, or warriors.

He quickly read every military book written just for kids.

Since I wanted to keep him reading and learning, and as a long-time collector of military history, I started writing about historic battles. I made sure each “chapter” was written in language any middle-school boy could understand, and that the excitement of the battle leaped off the page. My son devoured these stories–and became a walking history book himself. Soon, other parents with boys-who-don’t-enjoy-reading asked for my notes. Those same parents then asked me to teach a class.

Now in its seventh year, Great Battles for Boys gathers weekly to discuss these historic fights that changed the world–from Thermopylae, Waterloo, and Bunker Hill to the Alamo, Stanlingrad, and Dien Bien Phu.

These books in the Great Battles for Boys series are based on my classes. Each chapter is written to captivate the imagination of young readers and to help them understand history. They soon realize history isn’t a bunch of boring names and dates. In fact, history is incredible and exciting–and written with the blood of patriots. And before they know it, they’re reading more and more books.

Give boys books they want to read–true stories from the front lines of the world’s greatest battles. Not only will young readers learn unforgettable history, they also come to understand just what it means when someone says, “Freedom isn’t free.”

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