The American Revolution
Great Battles for Boys

Great Battles for Boys: The American Revolution covers the stunning battles that created the United States of America, a war between ragtag colonists and the world’s mightiest military force of its time—the British Imperial Army.

From Concord and Lexington to Brandywine and Yorktown, history leaps off the page and captures the imagination of even the most reluctant readers. Boys will learn about the colonial tyranny of King George III, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, and the appointment of George Washington as commander of the Continental Army. Then, in chronological order, young readers move to the front lines of the war’s major clashes, including:

  • Long Island: British General Howe crushes Washington’s forces and proves the odds are definitely against the Patriot forces.
  • Battle of Trenton: Washington’s stunning reversal after his famous Christmas Eve “crossing the Delaware.”
  • Valley Forge: Starving, broke, and battle-weary, the Continental Army hunkers down in Pennsylvania for a long cold winter — and emerges as an entirely different fighting force.
  • Cowpens: The southern clash where Daniel Morgan’s brilliant tactics outsmart his enemy.
  • Yorktown: Washington’s unyielding attack that ends eight long years of suffering — and wins liberty for the colonies.

Each chapter also profiles the Revolution’s most fascinating leaders — Benedict Arnold, Lafayette, Francis Marion, Henry Knox —and discusses the era’s complicated politics, including the role of colonial women and slavery.

This action-packed book will teach your son the foundational and aspirational ideas that are woven into the United States of America—such as life, liberty, and justice for all—and how those principles were won by the brave men and women who risked everything to defeat tyranny.

After reading “Great Battles for Boys: The American Revolution,” your son will know exactly what it means when someone says, “Freedom isn’t free.”

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Got this for my 9 yr old son as a gift. He finished it in one day…couldn’t put it down he told me. This is a boy who has comprehension issues and I’m finding it’s due to the material. If he doesn’t enjoy it he glosses over the words and doesn’t remember a thing. This book he was able to answer all kinds of questions and prompted more research for questions he had.


FB Praise for GBSeries2

Absolutely fantastic books for boys.


FB Praise for GB4B--Janet Ancel

My son loves this book! We are using this as an American History supplement in homeschooling this year. My son has really enjoyed this book.


GB4B book at Alamo from Tanya

History above and beyond what’s taught in class.

Lisa S

Jake's Boys with Books

I bought this book for my Grandson (who is 10 years old) and he has been bypassing his game time to continue reading the book. He really enjoys reading about the different wars. The book is very well written.


Boy reading GB4B Bunker Hill

I was pleased to finally find an historical series written for young boys that neither “cartoonizes” war nor adopts a satirical, demeaning tone. Rather, these books depict the true sacrifices of the men involved in these conflicts. The facts are the facts. There is no politically correct hogwash clouding the child’s view of the event.


There are two things I really like about this book; first, it is historically accurate. The information is given in a well thought out manner that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy and understand. The author paints a clear picture of what is going on in each battle. The second thing, which I love, is that the stories, although complete in themselves, do leave you wanting, and Joe Giorello has made that easy by referencing other books, films and best of all, website links, to more in-depth information.


By son is 10 and just can’t seem to find a book series after DogMan. He loves vintage planes so I ordered this and he hasn’t put it down. Read to me while I was driving. I think we found his series!


Excellent! Bought one for our 12 year-old son for Christmas, and he asked us to buy the rest, ASAP. Perfect for his age—he doesn’t like to read a lot, but he is re-reading these and happy to tell us all about them.

Erica S.

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