Does Your Son Struggle with Reading?

My 10-year-old son HATED to read.

Could he read?

Sure. If we forced him.

But that just proved to him reading was some kind of chore.

I taught history for ten years and saw how many boy-students avoided reading. I also saw how they struggled with schoolwork, even if they were very bright kids.

Reading is THE most crucial element of learning. Good readers make better students.

But the only way to become a good reader is to read books.

And here was my own son — reading as little as possible!


I had to convince my son that books could be as thrilling as any video game.

But how?

My wife — who knew of my "obsession" with military history — urged me to write up some exciting World War II battles in language that our 9-year-old son could understand. She also suggested adding some historical photos and maps.

  • The Battle of Iwo Jima!

  • The Doolittle Raid!

  • The Battle of Wake Island!

My son DEVOURED these “chapters” — and asked for more. (My wife was very happy.)

Soon, other parents with boys who hated to read asked for my "battle chapters." And just like my son, their boys devoured the readings. And asked for more.

A lot of boys hate to read — and the problem's getting worse.

Whether it's video games, smart phones, streaming TV, computers, Covid lockdowns — or just boring books that don't interest a certain kind of boy, our sons and grandsons are falling further and further behind in school.

In fact, standardized tests for vocabulary and reading comprehension show boys lagging behind girls — at EVERY GRADE LEVEL. And in every state across America!



As a teacher, I've seen what happens to boys who can't read well by 4th-5th grade. Their time in middle school is a total nightmare. Remedial reading classes. Notes home to parents. His self-esteem plummeting as bad grades come in — all of which can lead to bad behavior, too.

The fact is, boys who can't read well by middle school are statistically much more likely to fail, and then drop out of high school. College? Forget about it.

When I realized the seriousness of this boys-and-books problem, I published my first book: Great Battles for Boys: World War II Pacific.

The book quickly shot to #1 Best Seller!!!

Today, with more than 250,000 copies sold, the Great Battles for Boys series includes eight books — covering jaw-dropping battles all the way from Ancient Greece to the Korean War.

With more to come!

Because every day, I hear from happy parents whose boys suddenly LIKE to read.

Take this mom, who posted on my Facebook page:

Grandparents also send me letters:

"My 10-year-old grandson wasn't reading at all last year.... He's now read both your World War II books and is starting the Civil War book. Along the way, he's become a reader. I am so grateful for what you do. I believe it has transformed his life." — Janet

Boys send me notes too. I cannot express what their new-found joy means to me. "I love to read now!" they say. Or, "History is now my favorite subject!"  (One boy even described how learning about these battles helped him devise strategies for winning at laser tag.)

These testimonials remind me that when we change a boy's attitude about reading, we can change his life, too.

Reading will boost a boy's vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. But when he sees his school work improving, he'll also feel good about himself — and realize what he can accomplish.

Reading is a true win-win-win for students, teachers, and parents.

Now, for a limited time, I'm offering Great Battles for Boys: World War II Pacific — the #1 Best Seller that launched this series — for 30% off its regular price.

For just $9.99 you can invest in your son's future.

Help him realize his full potential. Show him that reading CAN be as thrilling as any video game. And watch his world expand for the better.

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PLUS two more #1 bestsellers: World War I  which delves into the unforgettable history of that deadly conflict, and World War II Europe which opens with Adolf Hitler's chilling rise to power in 1930s Germany.

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Help your son discover a brighter future — by becoming a strong reader who enjoys learning. 

** Sample chapters of every book in the Great Battles for Boys series are available HERE. **