WW2 in Europe • Eager Reader System

Turn a reluctant reader into an eager reader!

The Eager Reader System gets even the most book-avoidant boy to keep turning pages. Does your son struggle with reading comprehension and vocabulary? Have him listen to the audiobook version while he reads along in the print book. That way, his reading skills can improve while he also has an enjoyable reading experience. Want him to expand his knowledge of history? Have him use the E-book to click on the hyperlinks that take him to more information about the battles and the significant biographies.

Make reading fun — and you’ll make a lifelong reader.

Filled with historic photographs and maps, Great Battles for Boys: WW2 Europe explores the leaders, weapons, and strategies that toppled the Axis Powers. Also, each chapter ends with suggestions for further age-appropriate reading and movies that the whole family can watch together.

If your son likes action-packed accounts, authentic details, and short but exciting chapters, then he’ll love this book. And he’ll never see history as boring again!

This bundle package includes the print book, the audiobook, an E-book. There’s also a parent’s guide with helpful tips for getting your kid’s eyes off the screen and into a book.


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The print book will be shipped directly to your address. NOTE: We currently only ship to the continental USA. 

The ebook and audiobook files will be emailed to you after checkout with a convenient link to download a free app, or open the ebook using your preferred program.

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