Note from Joe


Because Boys Are Different Than Girls.

Sounds obvious, right?

But more and more, boys are expected to act like girls. Despite their far more physical natures, boys are expected to sit still in school, not talk out of turn, and never do anything “aggressive.” They’re even expected to enjoy books such as My Friend Flicka. Nothing wrong with that novel but if you’re a guy, reading about girls and horses isn’t exactly fun.

And yet, guys need to read!

My goal with the Great Battles for Boys series is to make history so exciting, so thrilling, that guys won’t even realize they’re sitting still and reading. Usually, they will want to read more.

They also discover history is anything but boring. Most of it was written with the blood of patriots.

Battles. Warriors. Strategies.
Courage. Honor. Duty.
Life and death challenges.

These are the things most boys like to read about.

Unfortunately, most textbooks these days, including the new Common Core curriculum, cut out all this good stuff. Sure, teachers can spend hours drilling historic names and dates into kids. But will it mean anything to them? On the other hand, when a boy reads about what really happened at the Alamo, when he can smell the black smoke coming off the battlefield, he won’t soon forget any of the people or the dates.

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Thanks for reading great history!


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