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Boys Need to Read.

Sounds obvious, right?

Yet study after study has confirmed a disturbing new trend: Boys are not reading.

And they’re falling behind girls in school.

In fact, according to a new report from the Center on Education Policy, boys are falling behind girls in reading — in every single state.

“The most pressing issue related to gender gaps,” the report said, “is the lagging performance of boys in reading.”

Educators say this gap is particularly worrisome during the elementary and middle school years. Boys who can’t read proficiently during their fourth-to-sixth grades later show a significantly higher rate of dropping out of high school or foregoing college education.

So how do we get boys reading?

We give them books they want to read.

For a certain kind of boy, including one of my sons, that meant books about military history.

Warriors. Weapons. Battles. Strategies. Courage. Honor. Duty.

Suddenly, the boy who avoided books was reading—for pleasure.

Unfortunately, most military books weren’t written for his elementary-to-middle school reading level. That’s why I started writing the Great Battles for Boys series almost ten years ago.

My goal is to provide books for boys that match their early reading levels and that contain so much exciting information boys will forget they’re reading. And when they finish the book, they will want to read more.

In this way, we can help boys build a “reading habit” that will carry them through the higher levels of education, and through life in general.

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And feel free to drop me a line any time.

Thanks for raising readers.
And thanks for reading my books. I am deeply honored.


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