Can Girls Read This Series?

Some criticism gets thrown at "Great Battles for Boys" because the title specifies “for boys.”

Does the title mean girls shouldn’t read about military history?

Or these books aren’t “allowed” for girls?

Definitely not!

This series is written for any child who wants to learn more about history.

However, boys in particular struggle with reading—and other attention issues.

According to the ADD Center, nearly 13% of males will be diagnosed with ADHD in their lifetimes, compared to around 5% of females.

And from Psychology Today, only about half of boys surveyed said they enjoyed reading over the summer, compared to 72% for girls.

Think about it like this: Your daughters are far more likely to read on their own, but your sons usually won’t choose a book unless they see a good reason to read instead of playing a video game or watching a movie.

Boys usually love action, explosions, and most importantly tales of courage. Boys want to be inspired by tales of heroism—the kind of bravery they want for their own lives.That's why military history appeals to them—even if it's in a book.

This series aims to stimulate a boy’s imagination so that he can expand his mind and understand that war isn’t just about cool weapons and "killing the bad guys." It's about valor, courage, fortitude, and good leadership.

It was written for boys so they could realize how important (and fun) reading can be—and that history is anything but boring.

And girls are always welcome to read these books, too.