Listen & Learn

Boost his reading skills with our "Listen & Learn" audio-paperback combo!

Help Change Your Struggling Reader into an Eager Reader.

This proven reading-and-listening system is particularly effective with boys struggling with learning challenges such as ADHD and dyslexia.

How Does Listen & Learn Work?

Boys read along with a Great Battles for Boys book while listening to the audiobook synchronized with the text.

Boys track the words on the page AND hear the words spoken by a professional narrator. This coordination between eye-ear-brain helps "decode" the reading process. It also makes time with books much more enjoyable.

“My sons love it. And I can pause the audiobook if they don't understand something or hit replay to hear it again.”

Listen & Learn also helps:

  • Boost his comprehension

  • Increase his fluency

  • Expand his vocabulary

  • Raise his overall concentration levels and literacy

"Listen & Learn" is available in two formats.

Our Paperback + Audiobook collection includes all 18 books, plus a $60 discount off the regular price.

For even greater savings, choose our Ebook + Audiobook collection. You'll get all 18 books in digital format for just $69 — that's less than $4 per book!


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Paperbacks arrive by mail. Your audiobooks are delivered immediately upon purchase by email, ready for download onto any device.


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Your Ebook and Audio files will be immediately available upon purchase. You can download them to any device and he can start listening and reading right away on a computer, Kindle, iPad, or smartphone.


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