Why Do Boys DEVOUR This Series?

Because It's "Just For Them."

 Great Battles for Boys is military history for boys — especially boys who hate to read.

  • Action-packed.

  • Real-life heroes.

  • Conversational— not a text book!

Non-stop action from history's front lines makes reading feel as thrilling as any videogame.

“I am 8 years old and I love this series. I've been using some of battle strategies that you talk about in the books against my mom in Laser Tag!"

Military history also gives boys authentic examples of leadership, strategic thinking, engineering marvels, worldwide politics, shifting geographies….

So Boys DEVOUR these books!

“It felt like a chore to get my son to read. Now that he’s discovered military history and your series, he reads for 45 minutes stretches at a time!”

READING is ESSENTIAL for your son's academic success.

Boys need to read well by 4th or 5th grade. Otherwise middle school is VERY difficult.

Even worse? Struggling readers are statistically more likely to drop out of high school.

Want another scary statistic?

Today's boys are falling behind girls in reading — at every grade level.

In every state across America!

That's a CRISIS.

Part of the problem is today's boys are inundated with distractions – video games, smart phones, television, social media. The lockdowns didn't help either.

But YOU can improve YOUR son's reading skills RIGHT NOW.

Give him unforgettable tales of brave men fighting on the front lines of history. Alexander the Great. William Wallace. George Washington. Teddy Roosevelt. General Patton. Chesty Puller...

No girly stuff.

No fantasy fiction.

No pink ponies — just some really AWESOME war horses!

How do I know these books work?

Because my own son hated read!

As a teacher with a passion for military history, I started writing these books just for him. I didn't want him to grow up thinking books were boring.

And I can honestly say that the Great Battles for Boys books changed my son from a reluctant reader into an eager reader. He also knows more history than most adults....

Now YOU can do the same for YOUR son.

Click HERE for the Entire Great Battles for Boys Series

If you have any questions about my books, please drop me a line. I really enjoy hearing from you.

Until then, see you on the battlefield of the mind!

              — Joe Giorello

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