Joe Giorello grew up in a large Italian family in Queens, New York. From a young age, he was captivated by military history and the personal stories of Veterans. He credits that history for turning him into a voracious reader.

Later, as the father of a reluctant reader, Joe realized military history might change the course of his son's life, too. The first book in the Great Battles for Boys series was first a rescue-mission for his own family.

In addition to a successful sales career, Joe taught military history classes for nearly 10 years throughout the Seattle area. Now retired, he writes from the mountains of Arizona and is a member of the Daisy Mountain Veterans Association. He also enjoys working with horses and exploring battle sites in the American southwest.

Contact him at GreatBattlesforBoys@Gmail.com



Sibella Giorello grew up in Alaska. She rode a motorcycle across the United States before becoming an award-winning journalist and bestselling novelist. While homeschooling her sons, she realized there was a very real issue between some boys and books. Sibella is now the first editor of each of the Great Battles for Boys books. Her mission is to make sure every page can captivate an active boy's imagination, and that each book helps another mom who just wants her son to love reading and learning.

Contact her at sibella@sibellawrites.com