Fundamentals of Reading

Why is reading so important?

  • Reading expands a boy's horizons.

  • Improves his vocabulary 

  • Grows his communication skills.

  • Enhances his concentration and memory.

  • Increases his creativity

  • Strengthens his critical thinking skills.

In short, reading turns boys into better communicators and better thinkers.

Although encouraging your son to read can be a challenge, it's worth the effort. Teach them to pick up a book and read every day, if possible. Even five to ten minutes helps.

Military history is a great way to turn even reluctant readers into book worms. Full of action and adventure—and real-life heroes—military history is ideal for boys who assume books are boring.

And in addition to reading, military history gives them an education, too. From leadership skills to strategic thinking and engineering, it's a win-win subject for boys and parents.