Audiobooks: The Complete Set!
Audiobooks: The Complete Set!

Audiobooks: The Complete Set!

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All NINE Audiobooks!

And 50% Off* When Combined With The Full Set of Paperbacks!

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Our "Listen & Learn" system is designed to help struggling readers, including boys with dyslexia.

Research proves that boys can greatly increase their reading skills by listening to an audiobook while simultaneously reading the paperback.

We call the process "Listen & Learn."

"Dr. Frank Serafini, author of Audiobooks & Literacy states that hearing the sounds of spoken language while pairing those sounds with the printed word helps struggling readers to better focus on the meaning of words, rather than simply trying to recognize words in the first place...." (Book Buddy Media)

Order the complete set of Great Battles for Boys paperbacks and get the audiobooks for 50% off!

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From pacing to pronunciation, from vocabulary to comprehension, boys will learn crucial reading skills through this Listen & Learn method — all while they're captivated by thrilling military history and biographies.

"Listen & Learn" might be the easiest yet most effective way to increase your son's reading skills!

Each of the audiobooks in the Great Battles for Boys series is read by an acclaimed voice actor or narrators. Boys will pick up "how" to read well just by listening and reading along (Sample audio HERE).

Help your son ENJOY his reading time with the Listen & Learn method.

According to Book Riot, "...research suggests that audiobooks can aid...students who dislike reading, have trouble sitting still, or have ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities."

Give him Listen & Learn today, and spark his love for reading forever.


NOTE: Audiobooks will arrive via email with clear directions for downloading.