WWII in Europe • Audiobook

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Boys Uncover the Defining Military History of the 20th Century—and they keep reading!

Beginning with Hitler's invasion of Poland, Great Battles for Boys: WW2 Europe takes young readers to the front lines of the war’s most important clashes.

Boys will learn the battles in chronological order and marvel at everything from Stalingrad’s hand-to-hand street fighting, the tank action at Kursk, the spy-led invasion of Sicily and the surprise D-Day invasion of Normandy—and many other exciting world-changing battles!

Filled with notable biographies of heroic soldiers, Great Battles for Boys: WWII Europe explores the leaders, weapons, and strategies that toppled the Axis Powers.

If your son likes action-packed accounts, authentic details, and short but exciting chapters, then he’ll love this book. And he'll never see history as boring again!

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