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The Stunning Battles of World War I Deliver an Unforgettable Journey into Military History.

"Easy-to-read eye-opener into 'The War to End War'... Five stars out of five." — #1 Hall of Fame reviewer    


Known as "The Great War" due to its massive loss of life, WWI marked a monumental shift in military campaigns, leadership, tactics, and strategies. The Allies — with the help of the US military — eventually defeated the Axis powers, but World War I also tragically set the stage for World War II.

"This book explains things very well. It covers the most important battles that most people don't know about. I highly recommend this book if you are learning about WW1." -- 5 stars, Kyle

Why did this monumental war happen? Who started it? Who ended it? Boys will find out in Great Battles for Boys: World War I. They'll also learn about then-new fighting innovations such as airplanes and tanks.

Among the unforgettable battles:

  • Battle of Tannenberg: Outnumbered German soldiers plan a sneak attack that destroys Russian forces and leads to the capture of 150,000 prisoners of war.

  • Battle of the Somme: Among military history’s worst follies, this battle ended with more than one million casualties—while achieving almost no gains for either side.

  • Battle of Cantigny: A little-known battle in which late-arriving and inexperienced American forces fought on the Western Front and proved ready to win.

Other chapters cover the fascinating figures of WWI, such as Lawrence of Arabia, Sergeant York, and the Harlem Hellfighters, along with world-altering events, such as the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Filled with historic photographs, maps, and notable biographies of ordinary soldiers who accomplished extraordinary feats, Great Battles for Boys: World War I also includes suggestions for further readings and battle movies the whole family can watch together.

If your son likes action-packed accounts and authentic details, he will love this book.

Pick up Great Battles for Boys today—and march into the front lines of history!

“It is a treasure trove of information that is engagingly written that makes one feel they are in a great classroom with a great instructor sharing his knowledge in a fun way." —Hall of Fame Reviewer

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