World War II Pacific • Paperback
World War II Pacific • Paperback
World War II Pacific • Paperback
World War II Pacific • Paperback
World War II Pacific • Paperback
World War II Pacific • Paperback

World War II Pacific • Paperback

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"My 10-year old grandson is now hooked on reading." K Potter

I wrote this book because my son didn't like to read. He was 10 years old.

As a parent and teacher, I knew reading was foundational to his future.

If a boy isn't reading well by 4th and 5th grade, he's really going to struggle in middle school. That struggle affects everything from his grades to his self-esteem.

"He loved this book and began reading it right away!!" GRoxy

My son's future depended on his reading ability—and he wasn't interested in reading!

I had to do something.

Since he was interested in "military stuff" — just like I was at his age — I began writing up fascinating military battles for his reading level. I kept the narrative as thrilling as any videogame but the style was conversational —  so he could "forget" he was reading.

Sure enough, these "battle chapters" worked!  Soon he was asking for more books about World War II! His reading level leaped up and so did his grades, which changed how he felt about himself, too.

"Absolutely fantastic books for boys." Chad

My son is now grown and successful. But my goal remains the same: I want boys to enjoy reading so they can become strong readers with bright futures.

"My 11-year-old cannot put it down." —T. Lamport

That's why for a LIMITED TIME, I'm offering you the #1 bestselling Great Battles for Boys: WWII Pacific at HALF-PRICE — plus FREE SHIPPING!!

Try this book. See if it works for your son, too.

"My son loves this book and asked for the next one. Anything that gets them reading makes me a happy mom!" — Js

For roughly the price of a frothy Starbucks venti, you can change your son's future. Help him become a strong reader.

"We homeschool, and he learned more from these battle books than from any other curriculum or textbook." —  Erica

Great Battles for Boys: World War II Pacific goes to the front lines of history. The story opens with the Flying Tigers — the offbeat American pilots who were fighting against Japan before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

After Japan's deadly attack on Hawaii, the fascinating World War II battles storm across the Pacific Ocean in a lethal "island hopping" strategy that eventually won an Allied Victory Over Japan. This is unforgettable history that gets boys reading.

"I bought this book for my Grandson (who is 10 years old) and he has been bypassing his game time to continue reading the book." R. Godwin

Each chapter of Great Battles for Boys: World War II Pacific also features historical photos, maps, and other awe-inspiring images.

There's also a FREE STUDY GUIDE!

Pick up your limited-edition copy today and change a boy's future forever.


"This book should be in school libraries everywhere..." Top Ten Hall of Fame Reviewer.

“Combining his uniquely conversational style with myriad historical facts, plenty of interesting photos, and lots of fascinating, little-known anecdotes, Joe takes readers 'behind the scenes' and helps them to experience this vitally important chapter in our Nation’s history. A great book with superb additional resources; I give it a 'must read!'  — Rev. Charles F. Reynolds, Chief Warrant Officer 3, USMC Ret.