The Korean War • Audiobook
The Korean War • Audiobook
The Korean War • Audiobook
The Korean War • Audiobook

The Korean War • Audiobook

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 Make sure it's not "The Forgotten War."

This audio rendition of Great Battles for Boys: The Korean War includes "theater of the mind" sound effects such as fighter jets, thunder, and explosions.

Boys learn about the tragic yet fascinating history The Korean War (1950-53) and why this conflict is called “The Forgotten War.”

Despite more than 2 million casualties, most people—young and old—cannot fully explain this international conflict, or why the United States sacrificed so much treasure to fight it. 

Here are some of the chapters:

  • The Invasion of South Korea: The surprise attack that triggered the war.

  • Battle of the Chosin Reservoir: How the “Chosin Few" courageously survived a harrowing fighting retreat that should’ve brought them certain death.

  • Infamous and catastrophic battles such as Naktong River, Twin Tunnels, Samdong-Ni, Bloody Ridge, Pork Chop Hill — and much more!

Filled with biographies of heroic soldiers and Marines such as Chesty Puller and even a horse that became a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, this true story moves through the battles in chronological order.

By the end, boys will understand the war's politics, the geography of Asia, and the stark difference between a democratic government and a Communist system.

Praise for the Great Battles for Boys series

“This book should be in school libraries everywhere. It is a treasure trove of information that is engagingly written that makes one feel they are in a great classroom with a great instructor sharing his knowledge in a fun way." — 5 Stars Top Ten Hall of Fame Reviewer