Vietnam War
Vietnam War
Vietnam War

Vietnam War

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From first-person accounts to front-line battlefield action reports, boys can learn about the Vietnam War — including some of the politics that sent American soldiers into this deadly and disastrous conflict.

Chapters include:

  • The Battle of Dien Bien Phu:  The 1954 fight that pushed the French Army out of Vietnam.

  • The Tet Offensive: the pivotal and violent clash that the North Vietnamese lost but later turned into a political victory.

  • Tunnel Rats: How the bravest of brave soldiers survived the treacherous tunnel systems.

  • Plus several rarely recognized battles such as Van Tuong and Fire Support Base Ripcord.

Boys also learn about the difference between democracy and Communism, and how that difference helped fulel the United States’ entry into another country's civil war.

“This book… is a treasure trove of information that is engagingly written that makes one feel they are in a great classroom with a great instructor sharing his knowledge in a fun way." — Amazon #1 Hall of Fame Reviewer