The Civil War • Bundle
The Civil War • Bundle
The Civil War • Bundle
The Civil War • Bundle
The Civil War • Bundle
The Civil War • Bundle

The Civil War • Bundle

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Here's a great deal for boys AND parents.

For just $11.99 you'll receive the Ebook AND audiobook of Great Battles for Boys: The Civil War.

That's like getting both for the price of one--a nearly 50% savings.

According to educational studies, boys can boost their reading comprehension levels by reading a book for themselves while simultaniously listening to the audiobook version.

This Ebook version also allows boys to open each chapter suggestion for further readings on the battles and historical figures. 

Pick up a bundle today and introduce your son to the amazing adventure of reading and history!

NOTE: When you purchase this bundle of ebook and audiobook files, you will receive both files with a link to the free BookFunnel audiobook app, which allows you to read the ebook and listen to your audiobook from any audio-capable device connected to the internet.

About Great Battles for Boys: The Civil War

More than 600,000 American soldiers died in this war—more than all other wars combined.

But today, few people understand the complexities of this cataclysmic conflict.

What REALLY happened?

"In many schools these days, students aren’t being taught about the individual battles and struggles of our nation’s history, including Gettysburg." 5 Star review Great Battles for Boys: The Civil War.

From the opening shots at Fort Sumter to the Confederate surrender at Appomattox, boys will move chronologically through 20 crucial battles, covering all four years of the Civil War.

They'll discover which strategies, tactics, and weapons were used, and which military leaders won the victories—or suffered defeats. Some of the battles include:

  • Battle of the Ironclads: One of America's deadliest naval battles, right off the coast of Virginia
  • Vicksburg: Union General Ulysses S. Grant bombs, terrorizes, and starves a southern city into surrender.
  • Antietam: Confederate General Robert E. Lee invades the North, and pays a terrible price.
  • Petersburg: The Union literally blows a hole in the South—and yet still loses the battle.
And much more!
  • Sherman's March—who, what, when, where, and why.
  • Why was General Robert E. Lee considered a military genius, even though he lost the war?
  • What made General Ulysses S. Grant such a powerful general—and difficult man?

If your son likes action-packed stories with real events, he'll love this book. 

Reviews of the Great Battles for Boys series:

"...should be in school libraries everywhere. It is a treasure trove of information that is engagingly written that makes one feel they are in a great classroom with a great instructor sharing his knowledge in a fun way." 5 Stars, Top 500 Reviewer

"My nine-year-old son absolutely love this book! Full of great facts and enjoyable to read! He finished it in two nights and was asking for another!" 5 Stars, Richard D.