Audio+Ebook Bundles

Would you like to raise his reading comprehension?

Vocabulary? Concentration?

Studies have shown that boys who read a book while listening to the audio version gain a marked increase in both comprehension and vocabulary.

"...research suggests that audiobooks can aid in the development of some key literacy skills, especially in students who dislike reading, have trouble sitting still, or have ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities." (From Book Riot)

Our "Eager Reader System" bundles the Ebook together with the Audiobook of each Great Battles for Boys book. This bundle allows boys to read along while also listening to a skilled reader.

Boys not only remember more information—with better concentration—but they also pick up the sound of good pacing, intonations, and the correct pronunciation of each word.

As reported by Book Buddy Media:

"Dr. Frank Serafini, author of Audiobooks & Literacy states that hearing the sounds of spoken language while pairing those sounds with the printed word helps struggling readers to better focus on the meaning of words, rather than simply trying to recognize words in the first place. “As developing readers listen to audiobooks and follow along with a printed version of the story, they learn to match the sounds of oral language to their written counterparts. This matching of sounds to symbols is the basis for reading instruction… [and supports] struggling readers by helping them focus on meaning rather than the decoding of text.”


The Great Battles for Boys Ebooks come as PDFs identical to the paperback books. But they also include "live" links that allow boys to continue exploring the history of each battle on their own.

Our Eager Reader bundles are priced at nearly 50% off the price of purchasing each Ebook and Audio separately. You'll receive the files in one email, with unlimited downloads.

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